About Us


In a strategic move, Omantel Group and National Energy Center have merged their resources to establish a pioneering entity aimed at advancing smart city initiatives and IoT innovations. Under the umbrella of Omantel Group, this collaboration seeks to harness the expertise of both companies to drive forward the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions.

At the forefront of this endeavor stands Tadoom, Oman's premier IoT Service Provider. Renowned for its capability in delivering IoT and smart city solutions, Tadoom is committed to fostering the growth of efficient and sustainable societies and cities. Leveraging internet of things technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, Tadoom endeavors to elevate service efficiency and introduce groundbreaking innovations to the realm of IoT. With the backing of Omantel Group and NEC's combined capabilities, Tadoom is poised to lead the charge in revolutionizing the landscape of smart cities and IoT ventures in Oman and beyond


To be a leader in fostering IoT ecosystems that benefit people and communities every day.


Our mission is to apply IoT and other latest technologies to create daily value and drive satisfaction and sustainability in equal measure.



We have an unwavering commitment to innovation:

We continue to set ourselves goals of continuous improvement, we future-proof our products and services, we anticipate challenges and foster a culture of superior service and technological leadership. We recognize excellence and reward it.


We connect the world for a better tomorrow:

We help to create integrated eco systems through smart digital solutions that matter. We do so through governmental and private partnerships and consultancy, never loosing track of the agility needed to focus on what’s important to our customers right now.


We act with integrity and we take responsibility:

We believe in acting with courageous integrity, holding ourselves accountable through data and digitization. We emphasize our bit in making Oman Vision 2040 a reality, and meeting Sustainable Development Goals such as SDG11 and SDG9.


We put people first with everything we do:

The challenges we’re seeking to overcome with the introduction of state-of-the-art technology solutions has people, and the businesses they run or peruse, at heart. On larger scale, we seek to create sustainable value in the community by delivering impactful and responsible initiatives.


Board Members

Mr. Ghassan Khamis Al Hashar


Mr. Saleem Ahmed Abdullatiff

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Abdullah Al Mamari

Board Member

Mr. Hilal Al Nabhani

Board Member

Mr. Salah Al Zakwani

Board Member